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A Python Tuple can either have no brackets around it or parenthesis like “” This is what helps Python understand a list from a tuple. Python list is defined by square brackets. Its functionality is similar to how an array works in other languages. Python Tuples are defined in parentheses, whereas lists are defined by using square brackets[]. Like list, we can simply define a Python tuple in parentheses with comma separated objects. Examples. Our focus here is the difference between Python lists and tuples. Often confused, due to their similarities, these two structures are substantially different. A tuple is an assortment of data, separated by commas, which makes it similar to the Python list, but a tuple is fundamentally different. A tuple is a list which one cannot edit once it is created in Python code. The tuple is an immutable data structure. Whereas List is the mutable entity. You can alter list data anytime in your program. What is the difference between lists and tuples in Python? The key difference is that tuples are immutable. This means that you cannot change the values in a tuple once you have created it. As a list is mutable, it can't be used as a key in a dictionary, whereas a tuple can be used.

May 03, 2017 · Comparing & Sorting – Two tuples or two lists are both compared by their first element, and if there is a tie, then by the second element, and so on. No further attention is paid to subsequent elements after earlier elements show a difference. List and Tuple objects are sequences. A dictionary is a hash table of key-value pairs. List and tuple is an ordered collection of items. Dictionary is unordered collection. List and dictionary objects are mutable i.e. it is possible to add new item or delete and item from it. Tuple is an immutable. The big difference between lists and tuples is that lists are mutable, however tuples are immutable. Meaning once tuples are created, objects can't be added or removed, and the order cannot be changed. While there may be a thin difference between list and tuple, there is a whole lot of difference between string and the rest two. Strings are what you usually encounter in other programming languagesOf course, with syntactic difference. List and tuples are python things. List is the most basic sequence of heterogeneous data in python.

If numbers, perform numeric coercion if necessary and compare. If either element is a number, then the other element is "larger" numbers are "smallest". Otherwise, types are sorted alphabetically by name. If we reached the end of one of the tuples, the longer tuple is "larger.". Understanding tuples vs. lists in Python. Python has two seemingly similar sequence types, tuples and lists. The difference between the two that people notice right away, besides literal syntax parentheses vs. square brackets, is that tuples are immutable and lists are mutable.

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